If elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to repeal all federal laws that abridge an individual’s right of self-defense, including the ‘Gun-Free’ Schools Act, and thereby remove this obstacle to citizens who can prevent or stop mass shootings. Further, I will oppose any legislation that aims to restrict or prohibit the possession, manufacture, sale, or transfer of any firearm, or firearm accessory. 

Why we should end restrictions on self-defense

  • The right of self-defense both deters and thwarts crime, minimizing the harm that criminals can inflict on innocent, law-abiding citizens.
  • There is no such thing as a “gun-free” zone. Murderers don’t care about gun regulations. They take guns wherever they please. Only innocent, law-abiding citizens obey such laws, leaving them defenseless.
  • There are only two types of zones possible: one where bad guys go unchallenged, and one where law-abiding citizens can take them down.
  • Taking away the right of self-defense puts innocent men, women, and children in harm’s way.
  • Studies show that violent-crime rates are lower where citizens have the right to keep and bear arms.
  • Anti-gun laws result in more violence: more murders, more rape, more assault, more muggings, more home invasions, and more theft.
  • Blaming guns for murder is like blaming a pencil for a misspelling.
  • Repealing anti-self-defense laws will make America safer.
  • To reduce violence even more, end the drug prohibition. XX percent of all violent crimes are linked to the War on Drugs.

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