Scale Back the Police State

If elected, I will sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to reduce and consolidate our 18 spy agencies, abolish the NSA and the TSA, grant clemency and full whistleblower protection to Edward Snowden, repeal all laws that violate the Fourth Amendment right to privacy, and cut taxes by the amount saved.

Benefits of fully restoring the Fourth Amendment, exonerating Edward Snowden, shrinking American spy apparatus

  • Privacy! No more snooping around your private e-mail, phone calls, text messages, Skype sessions, and other personal communication without your consent. No risk of embarrassment, humiliation, or risk to your relationships or your career, due to the government’s unwelcome intrusion into your personal life. You alone will control your private information.
  • Consolidating the 18 U.S. spy agencies will enable substantial cuts in federal taxes. Each American family will get back, on average, hundreds of dollars every year that they now pay in taxes.
  • Assurance of privacy will increase use of online banking and shopping, creating greater convenience for shoppers and increased sales for online vendors.
  • Privacy encourages use of e-mail, which cuts costs for businesses, cuts prices for consumers, liberates personal communications, and reduces paper waste.
  • Protection from warrantless government search and seizure will greatly reduce the risk of unjust arrests and prosecution of innocent Americans, and will lessen the risk of America devolving into a state of tyranny.
  • Exonerating Edward Snowden will grant him the respect and freedom he deserves, and will make it safe for whistleblowers to speak up when the government violates the rights of citizens. This ensures that political dissidents are free to peacefully express their opinions without retaliation by adversaries.
  • Streamlined intelligence will increase transparency and congressional oversight, ensuring spy activities are lawful and do not violate individual rights while maintaining necessary confidentiality of classified information.
  • Ending the TSA will make air travel dignified, lower-cost, safer, faster, and more convenient.
  • People who now avoid flying because of the TSA will travel more. Family members will see more of their loved ones who live afar.
  • Returning control of air travel security to the airlines will free them to insure all contents of lost or damaged luggage — now restricted to just clothing and toiletries. Passengers will be free to pack valuables in checked luggage, knowing they won’t be stolen by a TSA employee. No more lugging heavy valuables on planes to guard against a loss.

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