We need to collect 3,000 Petitions from Registered Voters in New Hampshire, at least 1,500 of which must come from each of the two congressional districts, in order to appear on the General Election Ballot. In order to do this, Our teams will be canvassing voters, and holding public events to collect these petitions, and get the word out about our campaign. But you can help us jump start this petition drive, by printing out the relevant petition for your congressional district, signing it, and mailing it to us to include in our submissions. If you want to print out more petitions, so your friends and family can fill them out as well, even better!


Petitions for Congressional District 1 

Petitions for Congressional District 2

If you are unsure what Congressional District you live in, you can find out right here!


Completed Petitions can be mailed to:

O'Donnell for Liberty
PO Box 761
Nashua, NH

Thank You for all Your Help!

P.S. If you want to help fund our full petition drive, you can visit our donate Page and help contribute to the goals!


To read the New Hampshire RSA's that regulate Candidate Nominations by Petition, please follow this link.

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  • Robert Daniel
    commented 2020-01-30 19:58:52 -0800
    I have followed up my donations to Dumont and Perry with $100 for Justin O’Donnell, whom I very much hope to be my senator same time next year. We MUST form an alternative to the hegemonic parties and reclaim our nation from the brink of totalitarianism.